Mating and Evolution

One of the unique features of The Gardens NFT is the Mating Process. This allows holders to combine one queen bee with anywhere from one to four worker bees to create a new bee NFT. The Mating Process has a 20% chance of creating a Queen Bee and an 80% chance of creating a Worker Bee.

The new bee NFT will be sent to "The Gardens Marketplace" where it will be sold. The proceeds will be distributed to the holders in the hive. The "Queen Bee" holder will receive 40% of the proceeds, while the remaining 60% will be divided among the 1-4 "worker bee" holders.


The Gardens NFT collection consists of 10,000 bee NFTs, including 2,000 queen bees and 8,000 worker bees. Each bee is randomly generated with a variety of traits, making each one unique. The traits include wings, eyes, stripes, and more.

The Mating Process allows for even more unique bees to be created, with the possibility of rare traits and combinations. As the collection grows and evolves, new traits and features may be added to keep the ecosystem exciting and engaging for all holders.

Community Building

The Mating Process incentivizes collaboration and community building. Each worker bee added to the hive will lower the incubation time for the Mating Process, making it faster to create a new bee NFT. This encourages holders to work together to create shared community hives and earn more rewards.

The Gardens NFT is not just a collection of bees on the blockchain – it's a buzzing ecosystem that rewards community involvement and encourages sustainability. Join us on this journey to create a thriving digital community that's all about spreading love, kindness, and peace like a swarm of good vibes.




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